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The Divorce Dare Course

Are you currently going through a divorce or know someone that is? 

My 6-week divorce course is designed to help individuals that are struggling during one of the most difficult transitions of their lives. 

Whether you are contemplating divorce, separated, beginning the process, recently divorced, or remarried-this course can help you in the next chapter of your lives (Daring You to Live a Better Life After Divorce). 

A range of topics that will be covered including the legal process, emotional well-being, co-parenting, and financial considerations. Equip yourselves with necessary tools to not only survive but thrive in your future divine self.

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The Outline

Monique Fuentes
Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert with the Ilumni Institute 
Author of The Divorce Dare ebook series on Amazon Kindle
Creator of The Divorce Dare Support Group (presence in 15 countries and counting)
Award Winning Successful Northern California Realtor 

Divorce Course May 1st-June 5th 2024 Wednesdays from 11:00am-12:00pm (PST)

Week 1: Understanding the Divorce Process
- Introduction to Divorce and Its Impact
- Legal and Financial Considerations 
- Emotional Well-being During Divorce

Week 2: Legal Procedures and Documentation
-Filing for Divorce and Legal Requirements
-Property Division and Alimony
-Child Custody and Support

Week 3: Emotional Healing and Self-Care
- Coping with Emotional Stress
-Communication and Conflict Resolution
-Building a Support System

Week 4: Co-Parenting and Children
-Effective Co-Parenting Strategies
-Children's Emotional Well-being
-Co-Parenting Plans and Agreements

Week 5: Financial Planning and Budgeting
-Financial Planning for Life After Divorce
-Budgeting and Managing Expenses
-Rebuilding Credit and Assets

Week 6: Moving Forward and Post-Divorce Life
-Setting New Goals and Priorities
-Dating and Relationships After Divorce
-Legal Support and Resources

Each week will consist of virtual classes, workshops, and access to online resources. Additionally, participants may be encouraged to engage in group discussions and have access to divorce professionals such as lawyers, therapists, and financial advisors for Q&A sessions and/or consultations.

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